App: The Human Story will be released this month. Watch the trailer below. I just pre-ordered, and if you\’re curious about the passionate mindset that drives makers of apps for your computers and mobile devices (including yours truly), I recommend you do the same.

Speaking of trying really hard:

Here’s the “making of” video

Could they have done this with a green screen? Could they have gotten some fancy animation software for those jelly beans? Could they have phoned it in?

Yes. Yes. And yes.

I’ve been working on this trick for just a few hours total. So far, it’s pretty rough. Nothing near as good as this version. I find my sleight at the critical moment flashes a bit, makes a sound (much more noticeable with the new pack of cards I just opened), or simply takes way too long. More work is needed before I can show this to an actual audience. But I’m going to stick with it because I simply love the effect. It’s delightful.