Raise your hand if you forgot to iTunes backup until you had iPhone X on your desk and now feel like an idiot.

Just me? OK, good talk.

@manton When I reply to a post in the iOS app, should that reply be written to my hosted blog as well? (Replying to my own post, ICIMAD) Seems not to be the case and I don’t see an obvious switch to flip for it…

Finally moving my blog back to WordPress and getting my Micro.blog going. Pardon the mess while I migrate everything back from Jekyll…

Reese Roper, writing for the Five Iron Frenzy blog about “To Start a Fire”:

Scott and I used to be the greatest of friends. And do you know what ruined it? Me pushing Jesus on him when he needed me to just be his friend.

Things like this are why Five Iron continues to be my favorite band. I feel like I’ve grown up with them.