Three Saturdays ago, I tore my right ACL playing ultimate frisbee. The last week or so has been a combination of doctor visits, MRI, and physical therapy in preparation for surgery. But, I needed to figure out a way to get some work done in between rounds of physical therapy once I’m back among the ranks of the conscious. I have a beautiful retina MacBook Pro that I can use on my lap, but I can foresee that getting a bit tiring between heat on my lap and pressure on my leg. So, once I manage to hobble out to the couch, I’m going to be mirroring my MacBook Pro up to my Apple TV. (The display isn’t quite as nice as the retina, but it will suffice for a while.) Married to this I will be using my Bluetooth keyboard and Magic Trackpad, pinned together with a Magic Wand, manufactured by the indomitable 12 South.

How do I know this will be a functional setup? Well, you just finished reading my trial run.