Alex Cox ( (Mastodon)
How to celebrate Coxmas 2022: 1. Take screenshots of your home and/or lock screens 2. Post them on your social network of choice with #coxmas or email me: alexcoxfm at gmail dotcom before 12/28/22 3. Wait for me to tell you why your choices are bad and why mine are better 🎁📲

Lock Screen

My lock screen is pretty simple. The top widget is Fantastical. Below the time, Battery, Gentler Streak, Weather, and Streaks. Nearly every app’s notifications are relegated to a few summaries so that if my phone makes a noise or lights up, I know it’s important.

Home Screen

I am living the all-widget home screen life. All apps that are not in the dock live in App Library.

Everything but the Photos widget is a stack. The bottom one has three widgets: Music, Overcast, and Endel. The top right also has three: Weather, Maps, and Streaks. And the middle one is Fantastical and Reminders.

Watch Face

Not traditionally a Coxmas item, but Apple Watch face choices feel like they should be equally open to criticism. Mine is very close to my iPhone lock screen with the additiono f Home and Reminders.