Before I was the nerd I am today, I was a different kind of nerd. I studied the New Testament in my undergraduate (B.A. in Religion with a minor in Greek, McMurry University 2003 summa cum laude) and graduate school (M.T.S., Brite Divinity School 2005). I had the privilege of studying with some brilliant scholars including Philip Shuler, David Balch, M. Eugene Boring, and Carolyn Osiek.

During my academic career, I wrote a few papers of which I'm pretty proud. You can find them for download here. If you read anything here, I would welcome your thoughts. If you cite any of my work in a paper, I would be thrilled to know.

Disclaimer: These papers have not been peer reviewed or officially published. I am confident in the scholarship here, however, and my choice not to submit the papers for publication is a philosophical one to not rely on academic gatekeepers to validate my work.

N.B. Given the journey these papers have had from one flash drive to another and from one version of Word to another and then to PDF format, there may be some typos or other minor issues. If you find any, please do report them and I will post updates.